Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Video: America Votes: Next US President To Face New Challenges

By Namo Abdulla -- for Rudaw

NEW YORK, United States -- Americans went to the polls on Tuesday to decide whether President Barack Obama should stay in the White House for four more years or leave it for his Republican rival Mitt Romney. Romney has been seeking the White House for seven years.

Despite the country’s struggling economy, the Obama-Romney race has been the most expensive one in history. The total cost of this year’s US elections is estimated at 6 billion dollars.

Many issues were raised during the election campaigns.They raged from international issues such as the Syria crisis to the rise of China. But, of course, no issue received more attention than domestic unemployment, which is rated at 7.9 percent here in the United States. That means more than 12 million Americans are currently unemployed.

 Mitt Romney, a business tycoon, appears to have swayed some voters that he is the right man for a bad economic time. In just a few hours we will have the election result. Whether it’s Obama or Romney, the next US leader will find himself in a new world, where real leadership is tested. Dealing with the post-Arab Spring order, Syria crisis, and Iran’s nuclear program are going to be at the top of those issues. 

The policies of the next US leader will no doubt have their own impacts on the Kurds, the largest stateless ethnic group who live in significant numbers in both Iran and Syria.

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